Capital SINNIX
Mar 12-16 2018
A week of
innovation in mexico city

Capital SINNIX is a week-long event that spotlights social innovation in Latin America. Bringing together entrepreneurs, thought leaders, technologists, and private and public-sector leaders from the region and beyond, Capital SINNIX addresses pressing global challenges through panels, workshops, networking events, and an accelerator competition aimed at Latin America’s most promising social entrepreneurs.

The inaugural 2018 forum is being hosted in Mexico City, the top ranked city of the 2017 Social Innovation Index (SINNIX), and will focus on social innovation challenges and solutions impacting Latin America.

SINNIX is an annual index celebrating the 10 most dynamic and influential centers of social innovation in Latin America.

Claudio X González
Mexicanos vs la corrupción
Rafael Salas
Federico Berrueto
Adriana Ruiz
Sustenta Energía
Manuel Rodolfo Garza
Pablo Sánchez
Sustenta Energía
Sinnix 2018 is an invitation-only event bringing together over 220 participants.

The conference will include closed sessions convening 120 leaders from the public, private and non-profit sectors to explore solutions to Latin America’s most pressing challenges and facilitate collaboration among these sectors.

Capital SINNIX will also host 100 established and emerging social entrepreneurs for a series of themed workshops, panels, and an Accelerator Competition open to the public